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Top Car Interior Detail in Melbourne

Do you want to drive a car that still smells and looks as it did the day you bought it? We're sure we do! Don't put up with a car that's full of crumbs, stains, and musty odours. You don't have to worry about it any more thanks to Ultra Shine Car Detailing . There will be no more untreated spills or stains. There will be no more collected dust, grime, or pet hair.

Our interior detail service includes vacuuming, shampooing, washing surfaces and windows, and if you have a persistent odour, we can eliminate it using cutting-edge technology.

Best Smell Removing in Car

You've probably all tried to clean the inside of your car or truck. What begins as an easy-to-do job, ends up becoming time-consuming and often discouraging. And, before you realise it, you have spent hours of your precious weekend. 

We must understand that the process of car interior detailing can get complicated at times due to the various materials present inside the car. There are numerous gaps and difficult-to-reach areas where dust, sand, grit, and even food can penetrate.

Our team at Ultra Shine uses leading-edge technology and processes such as car interior detailing, smell removal in cars, and car steam cleaning to help you remove stains and spills from your interior and leave your 4WDs appearing and smelling spotless. 

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